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Anyone into retarded girls ??

Anyone into retarded girls ??Подробно о вопросе:

I used to babysit my 10yo cousin who is retarded and I was able to do whatever I wanted to her. I even fucked her a bunch after finding out she would play with herself and popped her own cherry. Now she’s in her 30s and when the time is right and I’m able I still fuck her. Anyone out there ever seen vids with REAL retarded girls ?? Trust me they love sex too.

Dogman спросил 09 Марта 2022 в 01:40 в категория Девственность

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* Tatang22 *
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Аноним, send retarded video plz ответил(а) 15 Мая 2022 в 18:30
* Masterpeido25 *
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Send us will be a lot of cum.... ответил(а) 1 Мая 2022 в 05:28
* Аноним *
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I have. They are nice. ответил(а) 10 Апреля 2022 в 06:00
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